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We love Digital Printing, and have access to state of the art print technologies.
There isn't a job out there that we haven't tackled at one time or another. 

10' UV Flat Bed

10' UV Flatbed that can Digital Print on Acrylic, Steel, Plastic, wood, and many other substrates up to 1" thick. Add to that the ability to print with white ink, and you have unbeatable combination that is only limited by your imagination. This machine has done work for many museums, shopping malls, and Trade Show Exhibits you most likely have seen at one time or another. It uses cool LED technology to cure its inks, which also provides you the opportunity to print on very exotic materials. It also utilizes Grey scale head technology which creates a variable dot, for outstanding quality and sharpness.

16 Foot Roll to Roll

16 foot roll to roll UV Printing to tackle the largest jobs possible. This machine handles Front lit, Back Lit, Canvas, Awnscreen, Mesh, PSV, Clear Medias and many more. Like the 10 foot UV Flat bed it has the ability to print with white ink. This enables us to produce some very unique style print jobs. Even though this is a beast of a machine, it has the ability to produce very fine quality. It also comes equipped with a Double siding feature, which allows for some incredibly large, and accurate Double sided Banners. There really no job to BIG for this machine.


High Speed UV Flat Bed

With a High Speed UV Flatbed - Capable of producing 130 4x8 sheets per hour, you will be hard press to find a Digital Solution that can match this speed. If high speed is what you need while maintaining very high quality than this is the machine for you. Many clients use this to produce runs they would have normally done on a screen press. Materials such as Polystyrene, MXM, Coroplast, Corrugated, Card stock.

Once printed send the skids of material to the guillotine or two one of the Digital Cutter tables to produce a final product in no time.


Our Digital Print offering continues on to include,
Dye-Sublimation and Aqueous Based Epson Prints

Dye Sublimation

10 Foot Dye Sublimation printing press will blow you away with its Quality and Vibrancy. It has a 1200 DPI appearance to all its prints. Images are printed in reverse with water based inks, onto 10 foot Beaver Paper. Then are turned over to the Heat Transfer Machine to complete the process.

 With Dye sublimation your material choice are virtually endless. With the right material choice you can through these prints in a bag, and when the arrive onsite the are wrinkle free.


Heat Transfer Machine

The 10 foot Heat Transfer Machine, is not a printing press. However its the transfer machines job to apply sufficient heat to the paper prints, and sublimate them onto many different fabric choices. Without it you couldn't do anything with the Mimaki prints

Power Stretch, Sheer, Georgette, Poly Duck, Hercules, and Poplin are just some of the materials we have on hand. We have many sample books to choice alternate materials if your job require something unique.


Extreme Fine Quality Printing

For the most extreme cases. Where very minute type is critical. Or when something as detailed as Architectural  drawings are needed to be produced. We have the Epson 72" 1180. Although this machine does not boast the fastest print times in the shop, it does make up for it in quality.

Many customer choose to print on Dtech Papers, or SBL7 and may have their prints reversed mounted to Acrylic for a very high end look.