About Bitprint.ca

About Bitprint.ca

Who are we ?

We are a group of experienced Entrepreneurs, who are passionate about Bitcoin and all its surrounding emerging technologies. We see Bitcoin as the future for acquiring goods and services. Like many others, we are bringing our skills and knowledge to the Bitcoin community.


What we do

We offer a wide array of products and services. Through our connections in the graphics industry, we are able to help guide you to a complete a successful project.


Bitprint for the Modern Age

Although Bitcoin is a very futuristic technology, it enables us to go anywhere and do anything on the world wide web. There is still the need for people to feel and touch your brand. You can see this at the Computer Electronics Show (CES). We gather together in groups to see whats new and exciting. Big name people show they are a big deal through well thought out printed Graphics and Displays. It draws in clients. Your branding is what they are left with when they go – right down to the business card

Be the Product that’s remembered! Be the Next Big Brand!

Do you have the next big thing for Bitcoin or a new idea that needs help taking shape?

Send us an email : info@bitprint.ca

We have already helped members of the community bring their ideas to life.

  • Store front Graphics and Signage
  • Interior Graphics for your shops
  • Trade show booths Banner stands
  • High Quality Prints
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Digital displays


It’s our understanding of the graphics industry that brings quality and professionalism to your projects.

Have a general question about something? Don’t be afraid to ask! Connect with us and we can help!

We have been working actively with Anythony Diiorio who has started Kyptokit, Bitcoin Decentral, and Founded the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. We have also helped design and produce the bitcoin bus for Seans Outpost, where Jason King is running across america raising awareness for bitcoin and funds for the homeless.