Bitcoin Expo Toronto 2014

Bitcoin Expo : Metro Toronto Convention Centre  : Friday April 11th 2014-Sunday April 13th

We at think  its of the utmost importance that the bitcoin community have an ever  increasing professional image.  This was the first year for the Bitcoin Expo, and also our participation in it. Bitprint was not able to produce every booth that was being exhibited, but we did play a major role in the overall production .With our years of experience dealing with thousands of projects, and many trade shows we think that our participation help set a new standard for the Bitcoin Exhibition scene. Our philosophy was simple : produce booths that were a greater caliber than ever seen before at a show like this. Fit within the clients current budget constraints. Wow the crowd. Booths included with pride where, CaVirtex, Ethereum, Bitcoin Beltway, Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, Bitcoin Decentral, Krypto Kit, Bitsent, and Hard BTC. also provided the 8×8 banner that sat outside of the show, as well as two bannerstands, and the Ultraboard signs for outside of each conference room for the 2014 Bitcoin Expo. We got a great overall response from the people who came to visit us. Our clients were all very pleased. We look forward to making the next trade shows coming even better. Its through this better quality and execution that we believe will help Bitcoin gain acceptance with the general public.

Shots from The Shop-Shots from the Setup

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