Outdoor or Indoor Graphics

Outdoor or Indoor Graphics

If you are looking for any kind of indoor or outdoor graphics, then you are in the right place! If you can imagine it, we can image it.

Even if you cant come up with graphics – design or concept yourself we can help.
That’s what we do. We have helped many organizations with their projects,
wether in-store branding or with an indoor or outdoor presence,  Bitprint.ca brings you the experience of an established company “Virtually”. You want a professional working on your side to achieve your goals. That’s what we’ve always done, and we will do it for you too!

We offer Design, Prepress, Printing on PSV, FLEX, or Fabrics. The choices and possibilities are absolutely endless! Everyday we deal with unique projects and special requests such as taking measurements, developing concepts, and installation execution. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Below are some images of projects we have worked on in the past.

We are talking from experience, and it is our goal to offer you our expertise.Give us a call….. just look at some of  the many projects we’ve been involved with.!


Adidas Campaign

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