Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Ride Rockit

When Universal Studios designed the “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit” roller coaster, they had a grand vision for the graphics that would be at the site and on the ride itself. From a huge back wall display where the riders are seated, to a giant tower that rises and falls straight up and down. In addition to the on-ride graphics, there¬†are prints all throughout the line up area. This project was very specific and had to be exact. I have been on this roller coaster and it is very exciting. The Rockit ¬†graphics look fantastic during the day in the sunlight, but have a great affect at night with the way its all lit up . Whats even more exciting to me is the fact the I got to participate in the graphics portion of this project. Helping people out with real needs is what I do best.

Ride the Rocket ! Wall Graphics

With our expertise, we assisted the artists on scaled versions of the artwork and complex color corrections through various materials and substrates for the Rockit. The art was create in a computer but with brush like techniques to make it look as if it was actually painted on. This creation was to look like real art with a graphic appeal, and I think they have pulled it off well. Look at the pictures below, how the artwork looks like its real illustrations. This is not something you see to often with modern graphic design.

Ride the Rocket ! Giant Tower

img_2503 img_2515 img_2517