Bitcoin Expo Toronto 2014

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Bitcoin Expo : Metro Toronto Convention Centre  : Friday April 11th 2014-Sunday April 13th We at think  its of the utmost importance that the bitcoin community have an ever  increasing professional image.  This was the first year for the Bitcoin Expo, and also our participation in it. Bitprint was not able to produce every booth t [...]

Bitcoin Across America

Food Shelter Bitcoin Everybody! When Anthony Di Iorio of KryptoKit and Jason King teamed up to create awareness and raise bitcoin for the homeless, they contacted to help out. is there for those in need of assistance! Quick Turn-Around on This Project! In 5 business days obtained measurements and images of [...]

Outdoor or Indoor Graphics

Adidas Campaign
Outdoor or Indoor Graphics If you are looking for any kind of indoor or outdoor graphics, then you are in the right place! If you can imagine it, we can image it. Even if you cant come up with graphics – design or concept yourself we can help. That’s what we do. We have helped many organizations with their projects, wether in-stor [...]

DVP + Gardiner BMW Backlit

DVP and Gardiner night Shot of BMW Building
If you’ve driven down the DVP and merged onto the Gardiner Expressway, you may have seen a giant BMW print at the BMW building.  While we are not responsible for every print you see in that window, we have previously been approached to work on the production side of it. The image below is Backlit Material that is paneled precisely for e [...]

Vehicle Wraps

The Harry Potter Hum V Wrap
These images are examples of vehicle wraps we have done in the past. We take photos and precise measurements of your vehicle, and then superimpose the artwork to scale. This guarantees an accurate representation of where your graphics, windows and text will land once installed. If you are interested in getting one done, please give us a shout [...]

Bitcoin Decentral

Anthony Di Iorio contacted to produce a sign for Bitcoin Decentral, located on Spadina Ave. and King St. in downtown Toronto.  Similar to many projects, this request was under great time constraints. This sign consists of two pieces of white Acrylic, with Translucent PSV material lamination. This was printed, laminated, routered [...]

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Ride the Rocket ! Wall Graphics
Ride Rockit When Universal Studios designed the “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit” roller coaster, they had a grand vision for the graphics that would be at the site and on the ride itself. From a huge back wall display where the riders are seated, to a giant tower that rises and falls straight up and down. In addition to the on-ride gra [...]

KryptoKit Booth

Kryptokit logo is always happy to help Anthony Di Iorio with any of his projects! This time it was for his launch of the new and powerful KryptoKit. We received the artwork and had it on press in record time. As Anthony was in South America for a Bitcoin conference, he had the confidence to have us produce and ship the banner directly to Las Ve [...]

CES Computer Electronics Show

Xbox Booth
CES Computer Electronics Show Perhaps you have seen some of our work at the Computer Electronics Show? We assist many companies in getting their visions out, and on time. We prepare files, print to desired rigid substrate, and computer cut to an exact fit. For some projects we router or icut lettering to specification. If you are looking for [...]